Nat Bussigio

At first glance, Nat Bussigio could be seen as just an ordinary man trying to make it in a posh Beverly Hills town with nothing more than his determination and desire. But Nat was much more to the teens that graced the Peach Pit on a daily basis. He was a fatherly figure, dispensing advice as frequently and cheaply as his chocolate milkshakes.

Whether it be advice on women, family, or friends, Nat was a cavern of knowledge, molding the future of our society. He could help Dylan with his decision on Kelly or Brenda while making a juicy, bacon cheeseburger. His tough love for Brandon molded him into the journalistic savant he later became. And of course, his paternal instincts were the reason Donna chose him to walk her down the aisle at her wedding.

Unfortunately for Nat, his appearances on 90210 became shorter and shorter throughout the years till he turned into a 20 second cameo every third episode. I don’t think anything on television has ever sent this amount of rage through my body. It would be like the Chicago Bulls making the Finals and benching Michael Jordan. The writers of 90210 in the final years are the biggest bunch of douchebags that have ever lived.

His final regular appearance on 90210 was in typical Bussigio fashion. He served eggs and ham to Dylan at the Peach Pit, and quietly bowed out of the spotlight which was Beverly Hills 90210. I’ll admit that I wept uncontrollably following this scene, as for the weeks that followed.

In the back of my mind I had hoped that it was just a situation where Nat was too expensive to cast. His years of poetic acting had made him worth more than then entire Fox Network. Rumor has it that a spin off on the Peach Pit was offered to Nat, but a humble Bussigio decided that it would be unfair to other actors to dominate the ratings on yet another television show.

Nat Bussigio, we salute you and your work on making the Peach Pit home to many pompous, rich brats. You are our daily hero.

Nat, teaching Brandon Walsh how to be a real man.

Never a dull moment at the Peach Pit.
Nat using a fire extinguisher to put out the fire, although it is rumored he can put out fires with his mind

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